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The wiki syntax is very simple to learn and to use.

Don't be afraid ! You have only to learn the basics. Try to read at least this page: Editing Help

Many people around the world are creating or changing some wiki page at this moment.

Good Luck editing the pages !


Favorite Help Links

Creating and Linking Sections

You should use wiki sections to break your text in several small parts that can be edited faster.

Sections are created by creating their headers, as below:




Please do not use only one equals sign on a side (=text here=); this causes a title the size of the page name; which is taken care of automatically.

You can use section linking to link to a section within the same page using [[#section name|displayed text]].

How can I hide the table of contents?

Place the magic word __NOTOC__ into the page markup.

Creating Categories

  • Add a tag [[Category:<Category name>]] at the end of your page.

Example: [[Category:My References]]

Changing the Sidebar

1) Click here to go to the sidebar. It is the same to go to http://your-web-site-or-server/wiki/index.php?&title=MediaWiki:Sidebar

2) Click here to learn more about this topic.

Creating Table

  • Click here to learn more about this topic.

Here is an example of table:

{| class="wikitable"
|+ The table's caption
! Column heading 1 !! Column heading 2 !! Column heading 3
! Row heading 1
| Cell 2 || Cell 3
! Row heading A
|Cell B
|Cell C

The final table is

The table's caption
Column heading 1 Column heading 2 Column heading 3
Row heading 1 Cell 2 Cell 3
Row heading A Cell B Cell C

Another table:

abc def ghi
jkl mno pqr
stu vwx yz


Templates are very helpful. It forces standards in your wiki pages and formats the content. In the section "All Pages", choose the namespace Templates to see available templates.

To use a template, just use the syntax:

{{Template_name | Your text}}
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